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Victron Lithium Ion with integral Cell Balancing System - 180Ah

Victron Lithium Ion with integral Cell Balancing System - 180Ah


Product Description

Intelligent Battery

The demand for intelligent batteries which allow greater capacity and optimise power use is on the increase across the marine market. We are addressing that demand with a brand new battery which is designed to be a simple swap out for lead acid batteries. With all the protection and control built in - it is as close to a like for like swap as you can get.
Safe Technology, High Capacity
The battery is composed of Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP), the safest of the mainstream Li-ion battery types. With a capacity of 400 Ah (10.2kWh) the battery is ideal for applications with high energy requirements.
The market for battery systems is developing rapidly. There is a growing demand for efficient batteries with a large energy density. Victron Energy has a suitable response for this demand: the Victron Lithium-ion battery system. This is comprised of a very modern battery with an advanced control- and security system; the so-called Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS controls the charging and discharging, immediately takes action when certain (critical) values are exceeded and safeguards an efficient energy-transfer.

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